Can your business survive a large earthquake if you or any of your key employees are lost? What would it cost to replace your top people and how long would it take to get them up-to-speed? LifeGuard gives you confidence that you and your employees will survive.

Injury or death
Key employee loss
Claims and lawsuits
Business continuity concerns
What does your insurance cover

One-time expense
Usually between 5-10% of salary
Qualifies as Safety Equipment or
Qualifies for Section 179 Expense
Call to learn about all the options.
U.S. tel 800-343-1991

If you’re an employee or a tenant leasing space, and have no control over whether your building will be retrofitted to withstand an earthquake, LifeGuard may be the only way to protect yourself. Many older buildings are not retrofitted at all or are only partially retrofitted.

Most of our conference tables, desks and workstations have been lab-tested and proven to support over one million pounds. They are bullet and blast-resisitant and can be stocked with emergency supplies.