Educators and Parents know all too well that the risk is there, the obligation to do something is there, but the budget often is missing. We solved the problem by providing non-structural mitigation for usually between 1% and 10% of the cost of reconstruction or retrofit. Amortized over five years, our student desk costs under $1 per day and lasts virtually forever. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) prepared a report entitled Incremental Seismic Rehabilitation of School Buildings that will help administrators, facility managers, financing specialsts and capital improvement managers develop interim mitigation strategies while working to secure funding for retrofitting or rebuilding. $100,000 grants for districts are currently available.

Student Desks (Pre-12)
Staff Desks
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Special Solutions:
Science Labs
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Perimeter protection

In classrooms equipped with LifeGuard, sheltering under your desk actually means something. Our desks protect children and teachers from flying and falling debris and are bullet and blast-resistant. Our LifeGuard student desk is lab-tested and proven to support over 350,000 pounds – as much as a locomotive engine.


















perimeter protection for 16 students and 1 teacher



















individual protection for 32 students and 1 teacher



















science lab protection for 24 students and one teacher with one wheelchair-accessible unit in the back






















real classroom in Kitsap County Washington using LifeGuard Student Desks



















corner LifeGuard workstation insert