In addition to being the only earthquake protection system on the market that can withstand a multi-story building collapse, LifeGuard Structures are resistant to high-velocity hazards such as blasts and bullets. A perfect solution for high-value targets like Embassies and Federal buildings.

Additional security features can include: access-point protection to stop a shooter from firing into a LifeGuard; a quick-slam door with locking pins and keyed access; armor plating.

LifeGuard products offer structural and non-structural mitigation for usually between 1% and 10% of the cost of reconstruction or retrofit. Most LifeGuards are lab-tested and proven to support over one million pounds.

DUNS: 965003663
8470 Armor, Personal
7110 Office Furniture
7105 Household Furniture
7125 Cabinets, Lockers, etc.

Unarmored versions require a minimum 15K to 30K psi before penetration.